Guests arrived at a gallery filled with custom, unique plexiglass vitrines displaying the latest jewelry collection of Venyx by Eugenie Niarchos. Projections of cityscapes throughout and neon cacti gave a Bladerunner-meets-the-California desert vibe. The 100 guests made their way to the mirrored floor of the rooftop deck. Large round tables with pearl drop tablecloths and white Verner Panton chairs were placed throughout. Palm trees and other greenery were lit with colored lights giving an overall galactic feel. Giant helium planets with lights floated in the night sky. A DJ played as waitstaff in custom Venyx tunics served a farm-to-table fair. The night ended with specialty cocktails and dancing.

“It’s been lovely, I was really able to show my brand identity tonight, and that’s what I was really looking forward to show.”

Eugenie Niarchos