Mack Sennett Studios

Originally built in 1916 as a silent movie studio, Mack Sennett Studios is a Los Angeles landmark that had fallen into disrepair over the last few decades. When music producer Jesse Rogg purchased the studio in 2012, Christopher Kreiling was brought in to restore its original prestige while moving the studio into the 21st century. Unearthing antique studio objects buried in the sub-basement, Kreiling included these in his custom-designed furniture and lighting for the space. The overall feeling of weight and elegance modernizes the studio while keeping its unique heritage intact -and challenges the notion of the traditional, all-white minimalist soundstage aesthetic.

I spent time doing an archaeological dig in the basements to find old pieces. For a city like Los Angeles, where everything is so disposable, it’s important to use antique goods and preserve and save them.

Christopher Kreiling